Announcing the editorial board for NZCommons

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Creative Commons Aotearoa NZ is delighted to announce the founding members of the editorial board of NZCommons: Andy Neale — DigitalNZRichard White — University of OtagoTim McNamara — Science communicationAnton Angelo — University of CanterburyPhilothea Flynn — Heritage and rightsShane Cummings — APNNigel Robertson — University of WaikatoJo Wheway — Maraetai Beach SchoolKaraitiana Taiuru — […]

CC in a world of worthy causes

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Creative Commons wasn’t done after we created our first license suite, or even after hundreds of millions of licensed works were shared. The web is changing — and so are the ways we get, share, and use content — so we’re trying new things.

One new idea is our mobile app, The List, supported by a prototype grant from the Knight Foundation. The List app will allow users to make lists of wanted images, or submit requested photos to a global archive of images, all licensed CC BY. We’ll release a public beta in the next few months.

We’re also still active in areas where we can make a huge difference, like open educational resources (OER). We’ve been helping foundations and governments adopt open policies and exploring new ways of licensing scientific data. Teachers and learners everywhere — from Kenya to Canada — are reaping rewards of shared information and knowledge, with huge savings.

All of that work, old and new, is supported by a small team, and a lot of inspired supporters and volunteer advocates, including more than 100 affiliate teams in 75 countries. Our licenses have become the global standard for legal sharing, and they underpin many of the most well-known media platforms on the web.

If Creative Commons plays a role in how you use the internet or share your work, please consider making a gift to support the organization. Our licenses are (and will remain) free, so developing a stable funding stream to support sharing has always been a challenge. A generous — but small — group of individual donors has always supported us. Let’s grow that number and work together to build a better internet and world.

As you’re considering which charities to support this year, please take a moment to reflect on what we’ve built together these past 12 years, and the challenges we face in copyright reform, open access, and building an open web for everyone to learn and create.

In a world of worthy causes, it’s our job to demonstrate the value of CC to individuals, governments, institutions, and corporations. And especially to you.

Please support us and help us spread the word.


PS: In a few weeks, we’ll be releasing information about the state of the commons — our most accurate assessment to date. Watch for it.


CC Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting Held in Seoul

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CCKorea / CC BY

Representatives from CC affiliates in Asia and the Pacific were once again hosted by CC Korea for the CC Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting this year. Asia-Pacific CC affiliates have a regular face-to-face meeting every two years to share their experience and know-how, to discuss common issues, and to seek opportunities for collaboration. Last September, 13 representatives from CC affiliate teams in China Mainland, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Mongolia, and South Korea came all the way to Seoul for this rare opportunity to get inspired by each other and meet Ryan Merkley, new CEO of Creative Commons, whom many of them met in person for the first time.

CCKorea / CC BY

This year’s regional meeting was held in conjunction with the 3rd CC Korea Conference, “Share Everything, Connect Everything.” Ryan Merkley, CEO of Creative Commons, opened the event with an inspiring keynote speech on sharing and the commons attended by more than 200 people from various fields including government, business and academia. Around the three main themes of Creativity, Sharing City, and Civic Hacking, insightful presentations were given by various local and international speakers including Todd Porter, Co-founder of FabCafe and Hal Seki from Code for Japan. As the closing session, Won-soon Park, Mayor of Seoul City, and Jay Yoon, Project Lead of CC Korea, discussed how we could shape our future with sharing and cooperation.

Following the successful conference on the first day, the CC affiliate representatives sat down together for a full-day meeting dedicated to the discussion of internal issues, from individual activities to regional and global cooperation. After a round of warm greetings to each other, each presented not only their success stories but also exchanged experiences in projects that did not turn out as they had expected, focusing on what they could improve and how they could do better in the future. Challenges faced by teams varied from fundraising to support and sustain their activities to restructuring their volunteer community. Discussion revolved around how to address these by facilitating regional collaboration both among individual affiliates and with CC headquarters in California.

CCKorea / CC BY

After a lunchtime walk along the Cheonggye stream, Ryan Merkley joined the group to share CC’s new vision and strategies and solicit feedback from the participants. Generally participants were glad for his willingness to share and to engage more closely with affiliates, welcoming opportunities to contribute and work more closely on various fronts. A theme of the day was ways that CC could collaborate and engage more actively with global affiliates on specific projects such as conducting research, developing tools to improve usability of CC licenses and reuse of CC-licensed content, etc. Some representatives also pointed out that more practical support from CC such as toolkits and resource repositories would be useful, especially for teams who are new or restructuring. Regional activities, such as the creation of a regional website and combining efforts in popular areas such as education, were also important part of the day’s agendas.

The meeting was followed by a CC Salon, held as a wrap-up event of the whole program at a cozy book cafe down an alleyway, away from the noise and bustle of the Hongdae area. Conference speakers, CC Asia-Pacific representatives, and members and friends of CC Korea were all invited to meet old and new friends, try different traditional beverages brought by the participating CC representatives, and get inspired by interesting ignite talks ranging from a fantastic dance performance by Muid Latif from CC Malaysia to Ryan’s “20 things I love from the commons” and a 3rd-grader girl’s talk about her coding projects.

CC Korea would like to once again thank all representatives who participated and hopes that this could lead to more cooperation in the region and beyond.

For more details, see post-conference resources, including videos, all available under CC licenses. You can also read about the previous regional meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2012.

bssmile / CC BY 3.0

The thoughts below are from Muid Latif, Project Lead of CC Malaysia:

Seoul, Korea Trip / Muid Latif / CC BY-NC-SA

Visiting Seoul is life-changing experience. As a creative person, each turn you take around the city gives a perfect visual story-telling of its culture and economic progress. Since I was very familiar to the design community in Korea through Behance Network and Creative City project curated by Jackson Tan (Singapore) this year in conjunction of Kaohsiung Design Festival, I was introduced to amazing designers like Yoon Hyup and the talented Na Kim who I had the privilege to meet in September this year in Penang, Malaysia.

I was blown away by the amount of art galleries located in each district. I could easily be overwhelmed by so much talent. It shows how organised and cultured Koreans are in accepting creativity as a part of their daily routine.

While I was in Seoul, attending the CC Korea International Conference provided me with such an insightful experience to know how enthusiastic creators are in ensuring citizen could access better, organised public information and allowing transparency of the government, through projects like CodeNamu. And Randomwalks, for example, amplified various media and data and turned it into phenomenal info-graphics, as shown in Sey Min’s presentation and demonstration. An aspiring young girl named Hannah enlightened us about the best creative way to have fun by creating DIY ear-folding rabbit and a fun wrist-band. I also had the chance to do a contemporary dance performance during the CC Salon featuring music of DD.85’s ‘Adaptation’.

It’s more extraordinary to learn that Koreans take seriously into sharing culture thus seeing Creative Commons as a medium to empower their creations. From sharing innovation of technology through open source, mobile apps and web-based programmes are easily accessible to all. It facilitates greater alternative in cost-saving, and yet at the same time, some generous users would donate through PayPal as part of their appreciation. This is what CC is catered for its content users, the power to appreciate and attribute. The support does not only stop there, a local renowned KPOP artist expresses interest in offering to become an ambassador of CC Korea to increase more awareness. This is indeed admirable and I see that other CC affiliates could adapt and follow the same strategy to advance CC movement into the next level. If people would ask me, what’s the next big thing for CC? Well, this is it.


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We can use NLTK’s support for WordNet to help generate and classify text. from nltk.corpus import wordnet as wn from nltk.corpus import sentiwordnet as swn def make_synset(word, category='n', number='01'): """Conveniently make a synset""" number = int(number) return wn.synset('%s.%s.%02i' % (word,…Read more ›

12/12 鬥陣來嘻嘻趴踢

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12/12週五夜, 一群支持自由文化的音樂人,相約在河岸流言,打算舉辦場久違的CC party。是的,這是場售票活動。創用CC授權的提出,本來就不排斥商業行為,它推展的是自由文化,而不是免費文化。歡迎大家線上預購,鬥陣來參加這場嘻嘻趴踢。 線上預購:http://tickets.books.com.tw/progshow/03050001178129 大河岸官網:http://www.riverside.com.tw/index.php?option=com_livehouse&show_time=2014-12 2014-11-05T03:15:56Z emyleo


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今年台灣創用CC計畫著力於影音創作領域的推廣,展開一系列的活動。除了創用CC影展座談會、線上影展特別企劃,另外,在10月18日及19日的週末下午, 分別舉行了「拼貼電影──當紙膠帶遇見電影」及「紀錄片《網路之子》協力翻譯工坊」,期待透過創作活動和協力翻譯,帶大家體會創用CC的自由文化精神,以 及它代表的「混搭、分享、再利用」概念。 10 月 18 日我們榮幸邀請到拼貼藝術家吳芊頤老師,現場為大家演繹示範如何利用紙膠帶和色紙的顏色色塊堆疊及視覺手法,對照原圖,拼貼出一幅唯妙唯肖又有個人創意的再創作作品。 2014-11-04T07:49:51Z vilyak

開源並嵌入CC授權選項的多媒體分享平台 - MediaGoblin

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MediaGoblin 是一套可由使用者自行架設的多媒體分享平台,使用者自行架設專案平台之後,能於其上存放照片、影像、音訊、文件,甚至是 3D 設計的 stl 檔案格式,並提供完整的創用CC 授權及其他公眾授權方式的設置選項。由於其開放源碼之故,使用者可以查看軟體本身的程式源碼,只要具有該領域的軟體撰寫能力,後續便可以依己意自由地修改及客製化想要的功能,非常適合推薦給具備基礎 Linux 系統操作知識,且對多媒體分享平台有自主化需求的使用者來安裝運用。 2014-11-04T02:15:09Z ally

Leicester City Council gives permission to 84 schools to create and share OER

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Leicester City Council / CC BY 4.0 Leicester City Council is the first local government authority in the United Kingdom (UK) to provide 84 community schools with blanket permission to openly license their educational resources. The council is recommending that school staff use the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license to share materials created in […]


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程式語言往往被看成冷冰冰、沒有生命力的,但是透過Processing,就可以將程式語言轉化為藝術品,工程師也能身兼藝術家;透過OpenProcessing,則可以讓這些「程式語言藝術家」在分享與互動的過程中,更能善用processing創造出多元、突破自我的作品。 Processing是奠基於JAVA的開放源碼程式語言,由麻省理工學院媒體實驗室的Casey Reas和Ben Fry所開發。它以視覺化的方式呈現學習者撰寫的電腦程式,在影音、動畫、互動領域裡都算是容易上手的介面,透過剪貼和複製就能完成有趣的程式、畫出具創造力的圖像。OpenProcessing.org則是一個協力合作的社群平台,讓Processing的開發者和藝術家能上傳、分享、瀏覽、評論與研究彼此的互動繪圖和程式原始碼。 2014-11-03T02:52:36Z dkoooh

New policy paper on the re-use of public sector information in cultural heritage institutions

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In 2013 the European Union enacted Directive 2013/37/EU amending Directive 2003/98/EC on the re-use of public sector information (PSI). The 2013 directive is an important pillar of the European Union’s open data strategy. It establishes the general principle that public sector bodies’ available information shall be reusable in accordance with a number of conditions, such […]

Leicester City Council gives permission to 84 schools to create and share OER

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Leicester City Council / CC BY 4.0

Leicester City Council is the first local government authority in the United Kingdom (UK) to provide 84 community schools with blanket permission to openly license their educational resources. The council is recommending that school staff use the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license to share materials created in the course of their work. The Council has also released guidance and practical information for school staff on using and creating open educational resources (OER).

As part of Josie Fraser’s (ICT Strategy Lead, Leicester City Council) work with the council, she leads on a citywide project to raise school staff skills and confidence in using technology to support teaching, learning, and school community development. The project has surveyed staff across the city to identify strengths and gaps in their use of technologies and digital resources. While the results on the whole have been very positive, the survey identified that school staff knowledge about OER and open licensing is very limited.

In response to this, Josie worked with Björn Haßler and Helen Neo (from the University of Cambridge) to create accessible OER schools guidance and practical resources for schools on finding, attributing, remixing, creating, and sharing CC licensed resources. School staff were invited to participate in the development of the resources, by review and discussion, and by taking part in pilot workshops for school staff and leaders.

“The response to the guidance has been very positive, with schools keen to raise the profile of excellent work being produced through the use of Creative Commons licenses. Schools want to raise staff knowledge in relation to copyright and open licensing, and see the classroom modelling of good practice in using and accrediting resources as important for their learners.”
– Josie Fraser

Schools routinely make use of web-based resources to support their learners, but don’t routinely benefit from the range of openly shared resources available if they aren’t aware of open licensing. The permission and guidance are designed to work together in raising awareness about CC licenses and OER, and support schools in promoting the work they are doing by sharing – enabling them to create, and to connect and collaborate with other educators. At a time when so many resources used in schools are digital, and accessed and shared online, understanding copyright and the role that open licenses play is essential for education professionals.

“Leicester City Council is the first local authority in the UK to provide its school employees with permission to openly license their resources. This is a highly commendable and visionary step. We very much hope that this will inspire other councils and schools to look at how they can also support staff in sharing their work.”
– Dr. Björn Haßler, University of Cambridge

Resource packs, which including model policies, guidance and resources for schools, are available at: http://schools.leicester.gov.uk/openeducation. The resources themselves build on existing openly licensed materials, and all new materials are all released under CC BY 4.0 and are available in editable versions for adaptation.

Josie concludes:

“Open licensing is an important step in making cultural change happen – for educators and learners to benefit from public work, and for schools across the city to move towards open practice. Change will not happen overnight, but the permission and guidance provides a great way for schools to think about how they share and collaborate, and how they would like to take their communities forward.”


Related: Creative Commons policies grow in New Zealand schools

Przegląd linków CC #155

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Otwarta edukacja 1. Na blogu projektu OER Asia możecie przeczytać o tym jak rosnącą rolę w skutecznym wdrażaniu otwartych zasobów edukacyjnych i otwartych podręcznikom pełnią biblioteki szkolne i akademickie. Zgadzamy się w pełni, w Polsce również nie tylko ruch OZE, ale również praktyczna wiedza o nim wśród użytkowników i użytkowniczek najskuteczniej rozchodzi się dzięki działalności bibliotekarzy i bibliotekarek. 2. Do 24 listopada trwa nabór […]

Contemporary Art Daily Text Analysis

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Contemporary Art Daily (CAD) is a leading contemporary art blog that publishes documentation for selected shows of contemporary art. It was started in 2008 by then art student Forrest Nash, who describes the site as follows: Contemporary Art Daily is…Read more ›

Η Sketchfab διαθέτει 3D μοντέλα με άδειες Creative Commons

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H Sketchfab – μία ιστοσελίδα για την κοινή χρήση των 3D μοντέλων – μόλις παρουσίασε μια νέα επιλογή για τη λήψη αρχείων. Όλα τα αρχεία που επιλέγονται για λήψη διατίθενται με άδειες Creative Commons, συμπεριλαμβανομένων κι εκείνων που προέρχονται από «μεγάλους παίκτες» όπως η HTC, η Microsoft, το Βρετανικό Μουσείο και ο διάσημος σχεδιαστής Francis Bitonti. Από την ανακοίνωση: Αυτό καθιστά τη Sketchfab όχι μόνο το καλύτερο και ευκολότερο μέσο για να δημοσιεύσετε ένα αρχείο 3D, αλλά και μία πηγή εύρεσης και χρήσης περιεχομένου 3D, όπως παραδείγματος χάρη για 3D εκτύπωση, για να δημιουργήσετε βίντεοπαιχνίδια, να κάνετε πειράματα VR  ή, απλά, να μοιράζεστε και να συνεργάζεστε ιδιωτικά πάνω σε 3D σχέδια. Κάθε χρήστης μπορεί τώρα να επιλέξει να δημοσιεύσει περιεχόμενο 3D μόνο Continue Reading

¿Cómo comenzó el derecho de autor?

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El copyright no comenzó como una forma de proteger a los autores ni incentivar su trabajo. Su origen está estrechamente relacionado con los deseos de la iglesia y el poder político para controlar los discursos que circulaban por Europa en el siglo XV, tras la invensión de la prensa de tipos móviles de Gutenberg. En […]

Sketchfab announces CC licensing; Microsoft, HTC, and British Museum early adopters

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Sketchfab – an awesome website for sharing 3D models – just unveiled an option to make files downloadable. All of the files marked for download are available under Creative Commons licenses, including those from some big players like HTC, Microsoft, the British Museum and celebrated designer Francis Bitonti. Granite head of Amenemhat III / British […]

Wikidata II

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Wikidata went live two years ago, but the II in the title is also a reference to the first page called Wikidata on meta.wikimedia.org which for years collected ideas for first class data support in Wikipedia. I had linked to Wikidata I writing about the most prominent of those ideas, Semantic MediaWiki (SMW), which I […]

Sketchfab announces CC licensing; Microsoft, HTC, and British Museum early adopters

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Sketchfab – an awesome website for sharing 3D models – just unveiled an option to make files downloadable. All of the files marked for download are available under Creative Commons licenses, including those from some big players like HTC, Microsoft, the British Museum and celebrated designer Francis Bitonti.

Granite head of Amenemhat III / British Museum / CC BY 4.0

From the announcement:

This makes Sketchfab not only the best and easiest way to publish and embed a 3D file, but also a great place to find and use 3D content – for example for 3D printing, to build video games or VR experiments – or just to share and collaborate privately on 3D designs. Any user can now chose to publish 3D content for display only, or for display and download under Creative Commons licenses.


This launch comes with another important milestone: more than 200,000 3D files have been uploaded on the platform so far, making Sketchfab one of the largest repositories of 3D content, and the leading platform to publish and embed interactive 3D models. We want to thank all of our users for that, we are proud to be home for your work. This milestone, combined with our new download option, is strengthening our position as The place to be for 3D files.

Surface Pro 3 Pen Holder / Microsoft / CC BY 4.0

Sketchfab co-founder Alban Denoyel told us that his team knew from the start that they wanted to use CC licenses rather than create a new license for model use. “As soon as we started looking into adding a download option on Sketchfab, we wanted to find a legal framework to cover the way people could use the files, and CC was top of mind as the perfect solution to do that.”

And did the high-profile users like Microsoft and HTC have any qualms about CC? Not really, says Alban. “We had a pretty straightforward approach, exposing our plans of enabling download under CC, and asking if they were in or not. No special concerns were raised, they quickly jumped in!”

HTC One M8 printable case / HTC / CC BY 4.0

Congratulations, Sketchfab!

¿Cuán usadas son las licencias Creative Commons entre los investigadores chilenos?

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Esta semana, ONG Derechos Digitales ha publicado “Revistas académicas chilenas: políticas editoriales y derechos de autor”, la segunda parte de una investigación comenzada en 2009, respecto a las políticas editoriales de las publicaciones de investigación científica en Chile. Al revisar los resultados de este nuevo estudio, es muy interesante constatar la importante penetración que tenido […]

Open access-knapp med søkefunksjon

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Nylig, under Open Access Week i London, ble Open Access Button relansert med nye funksjoner. Den oppdaterte knappen er et nettleser plug-in som fungerer slik at når man søker etter en vitenskapelig artikkel på nettet, men støter på en betalingsvegg, så vil det bli søkt etter en alternativ versjon av samme artikkel som er fritt tilgjengelig. Dette kan for eksempel være en egen-arkivert versjon, eller ferdigstilt artikkel med annen typografi enn den publiserte versjonen. Dersom dette ikke fungerer på knappen gir funksjonalitet for å sende epost til forfatteren av artikkelen for å be om at en kopi av artikkelen gjøres tilgjengelig og deles til andre som trenger det. Knappen vil gjøre andre ting også, som å opprette en oversikt for hver artikkel som er forespurt, slik at forfattere kan se behovet for tilgang til sine verk. Til slutt knappen gjør det mulig å samle inn data og anekdoter, slik at dette kan benyttes til å dokumentere behovet for open access-tilgang til vitenskapelige verk. Nedenfor er video-opptak fra lanseringen 21. oktober. 2014-10-29T08:19:18Z Gisle Hannemyr


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