Creative Commons launches School of Open events in Tanzania and Nigeria

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Today and tomorrow the School of Open launches in Tanzania and Nigeria in conjunction with Mozilla Maker Party!

(SOO logo here. Earth icon licensed CC BY by Erin Standley from the Noun Project.)

In Tanzania, CC Tanzania is hosting a creative event for kids at the Open University of Tanzania, the first university in the region to offer open and distant learning programs. Kids will use the Internet and open educational resources to create animations. This event occurs today: see the Maker Party page for details. It marks the launch of three training programs around ICT empowerment training for unemployed youth, teaching persons with disabilities how to use computers, and training educators on using ICT to improve how they teach their students.

In Nigeria, CC Nigeria is hosting a web building skills event for the public at the Nigerian Institute for Advanced Legal Studies at the University of Lagos. Anyone may join to learn how to build the web and share creative works through Mozilla and CC tools. The opening ceremony and maker party are tomorrow, see the Maker Party page for details. The event also marks the launch of a five-week training program around Nigerian copyright and Linux Operating System. During the opening ceremony, SOO Nigeria’s facilitators, partners and supporters will meet and set expectations for program participants. See the School of Open Nigeria page for more details. You can follow SOO Nigeria on Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtags #SOOAfrica and #MakerParty.

School of Open launch events are also set to occur in Kenya and South Africa — stay tuned! (Read more about their plans here.)

About Maker Party

School of Open and Creative Commons is excited to be partnering with Mozilla to celebrate teaching and learning the web with Maker Party. Through thousands of community-run events around the world, Maker Party unites educators, organizations and enthusiastic Internet users of all ages and skill levels.

We share Mozilla’s belief that the web is a global public resource that’s integral to modern life: it shapes how we learn, how we connect and how we communicate. But many of us don’t understand its basic mechanics or what it means to be a citizen of the web. That’s why we’re supporting this global effort to teach web literacy through hands-on learning and making with Maker Party.

About the School of Open

The School of Open is a global community of volunteers focused on providing free education opportunities on the meaning, application, and impact of “openness” in the digital age and its benefit to creative endeavors, education, and research. Volunteers develop and run courses, workshops, and real world training programs on topics such as Creative Commons licenses, open educational resources, and sharing creative works. The School of Open is coordinated by Creative Commons and P2PU.

Time is running out: We all need to support a fair and neutral Internet

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Today a large group of companies and organizations are raising awareness about the importance of net neutrality by joining the Internet Slowdown campaign. The action asks what would happen if large internet service providers (ISPs) and cable companies get their way and are able to squash net neutrality. Net neutrality is the concept that ISPs should […]

Time is running out: We all need to support a fair and neutral Internet

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Today a large group of companies and organizations are raising awareness about the importance of net neutrality by joining the Internet Slowdown campaign. The action asks what would happen if large internet service providers (ISPs) and cable companies get their way and are able to squash net neutrality. Net neutrality is the concept that ISPs should treat all data that travels over their networks equally. In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has proposed a framework for “Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet.” But to many companies and users the guidelines are inadequate for truly supporting an open internet. Instead, some think that the FCC proposal props the door open for ISPs to offer internet “fast lanes” to customers who can pay more–thus breaking the principle of network neutrality.

Creative Commons licenses and public domain tools support access and reuse of hundreds of millions of pieces of creative work by allowing creators to attach rights information about how they wish to share their creativity. And of course, open licensing is just one part of the ecosystem of sharing. CC helps break down copyright barriers to online sharing, but without net neutrality, the sharing of all works (both CC licensed and not) will be restricted from the users who cannot cough up the money to jump into the fast lane. Creators should be able to share content on equal footing. And users should be able to access and reuse that shared content via a fair and open internet.

The FCC has been soliciting feedback from the public. You can support the campaign for net neutrality at Battle for the Net and sign the letter which will be sent to your members of Congress, the FCC, and the White House. And you can still have your voice heard by sending your comments to the FCC. The public comment period ends on 15 September.

NOU 2014:5 om MOOC er publisert

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MOOC-utvalgets rapport er nå publisert som NOU 2014:5 - MOOC til Norge: Nye digitale læringsformer i høyere utdanning. MOOC står for «Massive Open Online Courses» og er en undervisningsvorm basert på åpne læringsressurser som er tilgjengelig over Internett. NOUen inneholder to notater som blant annet drøfter bruk av Creative Commons: «Opphavsrett ved tradisjonell undervisning og ved MOOC» av Olav Torvund «Rettighetshåndtering og lisensiering av læremidler ved MOOC» av Gisle Hannemyr. MOOC-kua av ZML-Innovative Learning Scenarios Fachhochschule Joanneum, basert på la vaca de los sinvaca av José Bogado. Tilgjengelig under CC BY-NC 4.0 Lisens. 2014-09-09T05:31:30Z Gisle Hannemyr

Przegląd linków CC #148

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Otwarta edukacja 1. W kolejnej odsłonie dyskusji między Davidem Willey’em a Brainem Jacobsem, w odpowiedzi tego drugiego możemy przeczytać o zaletach komercyjnych rozwiązań bazujących na bazie otwartych zasobów edukacyjnych, które podobnie jak komercyjne rozwiązania na bazie otwartego oprogramowania nie tylko zwiększają jego znaczenie, ale również powszechność, a co za tym idzie osiągnięcie masy krytycznej potrzebnej do tego by co […]

CAD – HDP Topics Of Press Releases

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Topics chosen from press releases on the Contemporary Art Daily blog using gensim’s Hierarchical Dirichlet Process model: exhibition, work, art, works, new, artist, one, gallery, museum, also, paintings, link, time, space, like, painting, york, artists, first, show art, works, work,…Read more ›

Contemporary Art Daily Most Frequently Mentioned Named Entities

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Named entities mentioned fifty or more times by press releases in the Contemporary Art Data blog dataset (NLTK): “John”,50 “Palais”,50 “Portikus”,50 “Fine Arts”,52 “Milan”,52 “Belgium”,53 “Venice Biennale”,53 “European”,55 “MoMA”,55 “Stedelijk Museum”,55 “America”,57 “Chinese”,57 “Rome”,59 “Japanese”,60 “Born”,62 “Kunsthalle Basel”,62 “Tate Modern”,63…Read more ›

Facecoin at The New Sublime

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(Image copyright @shardcore) Facecoin is being shown in the show The New Sublime at The Phoenix Gallery in Brighton from September 6th-28th 2014. You can read about Facecoin at The New Sublime here. It’s in some amazing company in the show,…Read more ›

Simple Word Frequency in Contemporary Art Daily Press Releases

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A simple word frequency count of press releases on Contemporary Art Daily (note split city names): art:4511 exhibition:4422 work:4160 works:3906 new:3659 artist:3073 one:2195 gallery:2156 museum:1901 paintings:1898 link:1875 also:1765 space:1671 painting:1666 time:1521 like:1493 york:1462 first:1390 artists:1307 show:1282 objects:1230 solo:1222 two:1193 series:1179…Read more ›

Topics From Press Releases On Contemporary Art Daily

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TF-IDF of 25 topics extracted using LDA on press release texts from Contemporary Art Daily: york, works, work, two, surface, space, solo, show, ribbeck, present, paper, paintings, painting, ortman, one, oehlen, new, manders, made, link, life, gallery, forms, form, first,…Read more ›


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把「開放近用」(Open Access)和「公眾領域」(Public Domain)兩類概念併連,成為這篇短文的標題,是有些奇怪。公眾領域內的作品,不受著作權法的限制,任何人可以自由使用。至於開放近用,一般是指已公開的資訊,方便眾人親近使用。屬於公眾領域的,就已是開放近用,不是嗎? 在理想的情境下,的確我們不需要再強調公眾領域的開放近用特性。但是,現實上許多屬於公眾領域的,卻常不能被眾人自由取得、再次使用。公眾領域的概念,本質上已有些模糊,概指已超過著作權法保護年限的作品(或是自始即不受保護的對象,如法律條文、政府公文書等),沒有使用上的限制。著作一旦「落入」(fall into)公眾領域,該作品即可被任意使用,這是一般的認知。也就是,公眾領域被認為具有一界線的領域,跨過此界線的即屬於公眾,任何人不得設限。但是,哪些著作已跨越此界線,卻常不清楚。這常要看著作是否已過保護年限(台灣為五十年,美國為七十年),而這又跟著作人是否已死亡相關(或是其初次出版時間相關)。這也跟所適用的著作權法為何、該著作的出版時地、以及著作權人當初是否另有權利上的安排等因素有關。這些因素也是每年變動的(「今年剛好滿五十年了!」)。 2014-09-04T16:00:00Z emyleo


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近幾年影音創作愈發蓬勃,相關的活動也愈來愈普及。然而,製作一部影片,可能會涉及語文著作、音樂著作、攝影著作、美術著作、視聽著作、錄音著作等多元著作的運用,必然會面臨許多著作權或授權的問題。 今年我們特別針對「影音多媒體創作」與「公眾授權(創用CC授權)」的關係進行整理與呈現。我們策劃一系列活動,讓大家藉由有趣多樣的方式,瞭解彼此間的關連與重要性。 最近剛完成「概念短片」的拍攝活動,透過一群對影音創作有熱情的同學們,對創用CC授權推動理念的理解,打造全新的概念影片,從劇情設定、腳本設計,到拍攝執行,一手包辦。三段不同的小故事,呈現創用CC「分享、混搭、再利用」的核心精神,短片彼此各自獨立,卻又相互關連。 2014-09-04T07:20:22Z emyleo


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在1999年,他們為了解決科索沃的移民問題而在網站上召喚眾人一起提供設計藍圖;2001年,他們轉為關注在非洲撒哈拉以南設立愛滋病流動診所;2004年,他們針對伊朗的自然災後重建;2005年,則是為了卡崔納颶風帶來的災情共同努力。 當他們接獲越來越多的建築請求之後,便決定要將這些徵求計劃公開,利用網路平台讓更多人可以提案、分享想法,且有機會能與不同專業和社群的人合作,也使當地的人可以參與問題解決的流程、陳述他們對於建築的真正需求為何。透過此平台,產生的不只是一個想法,而是成千上萬個能促進所有人生活品質的設計想法。於是,在2006年他們建立了Open Architecture網站,2011年Architecture for Humanity和Open Architecture正式合併改名為Worldchanging。 2014-09-02T06:18:02Z dkoooh


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Fritzing 是一個開放源碼的網站,由Andre Knörig在德國應用科學大學的交互設計實驗室開發完成,起初只是一個單純的研究項目,現在則為10000名以上使用者紀錄與分享自己電子原型的開放分 享平台。 2007年Fritzing以arduino和processing的創建精神出發,支持使用者能持續創造性的開展工作,在這裡用戶可以紀錄並分享自己的電子基礎原型,用以製造印刷電路板的佈局,更可以促進用戶分享並討論自身經驗及草稿,達到分享及互惠之效。如此除了可以提升製造效率之外,更可以降低製造成本,集結眾人力量縮短產品開發週期。 2014-08-30T02:18:17Z l1shan

Znak Domeny Publicznej 1.0 dostępny w wersji polskiej!

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Z radością informujemy, że narzędzie Znak Domeny Publicznej 1.0 (Public Domain Mark 1.0) jest już dostępne w wersji polskiej. Znak Domeny Publicznej 1. 0 to proste oświadczenie, które informuje o braku ograniczeń prawa autorskiego w stosunku do oznaczonego utworu. Oznaczenie różni się od pozostałych narzędzi Creative Commons – nie jest licencją a oznaczyć utwór może każdy (nie tylko twórca) […]

Introducing our new Communications Lead

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Kia ora everyone, my name is Elizabeth Heritage and I’m the new Communications Lead here at Creative Commons Aotearoa NZ. Today’s my first day and I’m really excited to get started! I’m a British Kiwi and have lived in the UK and NZ. I’m a publisher by trade, although I have also been a policy […]

Creative Commons-lisenser og GRAMO

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Creative Commons Norge har i lengre tid forsøkt å finne ut av hva slags hjemmel organisasjonen GRAMO mener at den har for å kreve inn vederlag for innspilt, rettighetsbeskyttet musikk som fra rettighetshaverenes side er gjort tilgjengelig for bruk med en Creative Commons-lisens. Etter flere uker uten å få GRAMO i tale henvendte vi oss til Kulturdepartementet, som 2014-07-15 ga oss følgende svar: Departementet har etter dette lagt til grunn at utøvende kunstnere og fonogramtilvirkere etter omstendighetene kan gi samtykke til fri offentlig fremføring av sine lydopptak, og at Gramo i så fall ikke skal kreve inn vederlag for denne bruken. Om utøvende kunstnere og fonogramtilvirkere derimot ønsker å motta vederlag for bruken av sine lydopptak, kan vederlagskravet bare gjøres gjeldende gjennom Gramo. Bakgrunnen for henvendelen til Kulturdepartementet er at norske kunder av strømmetjenesten Royal Streaming som blant annet strømmer musikk fra Tribe of Noise under en reative Commons-lisens (CC BY-SA 4.0) får krav om å betale GRAMO-avgift for innspilt musikk som strømmes under denne lisensen. Se også omtale av saken på nettstedet Ballade. 2014-09-01T16:35:28Z Gisle Hannemyr

Przegląd linków CC #147

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Otwarta edukacja 1. Min. Edukacji Narodowej opublikowało już wszystkie cztery części Naszego Elementarza (w większości na wolnej licencji), a przy okazji wypuściło generator kart pracy dla nauczycieli, który ma uzupełniać Elementarz. Wg. deklaracji MEN na Twitterze Generator ma być dostępny jako otwarte oprogramowanie, a dostępne w nim elementy do tworzenia kart pracy na wolnej licencji podobnie do samego […]

2,6 millones de imágenes del dominio público, disponibles para descargar y usar

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Por años, las bibliotecas han estado digitalizando sus colecciones, como una manera de facilitar el acceso del público a la cultura. Preocupados particularmente por el texto, normalmente resultaba muy difícil rastrear las ilustraciones y fotografías presentes en esos trabajos. Kalev Leetaru ha decidido enmendar esta situación y para ello programó su propio software, que le […]

MapWorks Learning combines OER and open data to protect threatened biodiversity

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Mangrove forests have been described by the World Wildlife Fund as one of the world’s most threatened tropical ecosystems. In an effort to protect and raise awareness around this problem, MapWorks Learning launched the first of what they plan to make an annual Mapathon for ecological preservation and learning. The inaugural event engaged schools, universities, […]


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